(shouted repeatedly in a phone exchange between Rod Tidwell and Jerry Maguire), "You complete me," "Help me help you," "The key to this business is personal relationships" and "You had me at 'hello'" (said by Renée Zellweger's Dorothy Boyd after a lengthy romantic plea by Jerry Maguire), and "Kwan," a word used by Cuba Gooding Jr.'s Tidwell meaning love, respect, community, and money (also spelled "quan" and "quawn") to illustrate the difference between himself and other football players: "Other football players may have the coin, but they won't have the 'Kwan'." The film was a financial success, bringing in more than $273 million worldwide against its $50 million budget. The film was double featured with A Few Good Men on DVD on December 29, 2009. An Oscar nomination does not come cheaply, and Cruise certainly deserved the one he received for his work here. He's up, he's positive, he has his statement-- and he doesn't have a clue what to do next. When a sports agent has a moral epiphany and is fired for expressing it, he decides to put his new philosophy to the test as an independent agent with the only athlete who stays with him and his former colleague. Jerry Maguire, un agent sportiv foarte important, face greșeala să scrie un memoriu despre activitatea companiei la care lucra: lucrurile pe care le gândim și nu le spunem. During a Monday Night Football game between the Cardinals and the Dallas Cowboys, Rod plays well but appears to receive a serious injury when catching a winning touchdown, securing a spot for the Cardinals in the playoffs. [22][23] It was also voted by AFI as #100 on its list of 100 Passions. El éxito de su vida . Until one night he questions his purpose. I just don't know how to do it. After waking, his family at home and the entire stadium cheers for him; he is offered a better salary. Cruise was also nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role and the movie marked Renée Zellweger's breakout role. [1], Jerry Maguire spawned several popular quotations, including "Show me the Money!" View production, box office, & company info. Jerry Maguire is a 1996 American comedy-drama sports film starring Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding, Jr., and Renee Zellweger. He needs a $10 million contract for his family to live on. Jerry Maguire plot summary from IMDB: When a sports agent has a moral epiphany and is fired for expressing it, he decides to put his new philosophy to the test as an independent with the only athlete who stays with him. Dar Jerry este un luptător și nu se dă bătut. As students at the United States Navy's elite fighter weapons school compete to be best in the class, one daring young pilot learns a few things from a civilian instructor that are not taught in the classroom. It's no surprise to Jerry, then, when the big `M' his superiors are interested in turns out to be `Money' and not `Morality,' as in `Money talks, Jerry walks.' Lost Dutchman State Park - 6109 N. Apache Trail, Apache Junction, Arizona, USA. Use the HTML below. Jerry Maguire es una película dirigida por Cameron Crowe con Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr., Renée Zellweger, Kelly Preston, Jerry O'Connell .... Año: 1996. Afterwards, Jerry and Rod embrace in front of other athletes and sports agents and show how their relationship has progressed from a strictly business one to a close personal one, which was one of the points Jerry made in his mission statement. Her reaction, in the scene in which Jerry tells Dorothy-- with his back turned to her-- that he has broken up with his fiancee, Avery (Kelly Preston), is priceless, and alone makes this film worth watching (repeatedly). [citation needed] The previews shown before the movie were My Best Friend's Wedding, Men in Black and Starship Troopers. Rod later appears on Roy Firestone's sports show. Produced in part by long time Simpsons producer James L. Brooks, it was inspired by sports agent Leigh Steinberg, who acted as technical consultant on the crew. Cuba Gooding, Jr. scores a touchdown but is temporarily knocked out in the end zone. [2][3][4] It was released in North American theaters on December 13, 1996, produced by Gracie Films and distributed by TriStar Pictures. And the world is about to meet the `real' Jerry Maguire. A young lawyer joins a prestigious law firm only to discover that it has a sinister dark side. The biggest clients, the respect, a beautiful fiancée, he has it all. The Wrong Come Up Download on iTunes - The Wrong Come Up Play on Spotify - The Wrong Come Up Play on YouTube - The Wrong Come Up. Cushman's father implies they decided to sign with Sugar over Jerry due to Tidwell's race, stating they signed while Jerry was "in the lobby with the black fella". Jerry Maguire: All right, I'll tell you why you don't have your ten million dollars. Rod is playing well and his team is winning. The film received critical acclaim, with critics praising its acting and writing. Jerry Maguire, un agent sportiv foarte important, face greșeala să scrie un memoriu despre activitatea companiei la care lucra: lucrurile pe … : Product Placement, Booze, And Denzel Washington", "Jerry' Ties With Slowing 'Michael' at Box Office", "Romantic Drama Movies at the Box Office", "Renee Zellweger talks about 'My One and Only'", "How 'Jerry Maguire' ruined the sports agency industry", "AFI Crowns Top 10 Films in 10 Classic Genres", "The 100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 Years: Here's our full list! In 2017, the NFL, to commemorate the film's 20th anniversary edition, produced two "A Football Life" mockumentaries, detailing the careers of Rod Tidwell and Frank Cushman after the events of the film. Listen to trailer music, OST, original score, and the full list of popular songs in the film. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100.[28][29]. Rent $3.99 Jerry Maguire was chosen to be released in 4k as part of the Columbia Classics Collection: vol. Jerry Maguire: Yeah, yeah, no, no, no. He then flies back home to meet Dorothy, telling her that he loves her and wants her in his life, which she accepts, uttering "You had me at hello." They contend they were acting under orders. Recording all of his thoughts in a mission statement, Jerry feels he has a new lease on life. Tom Cruise encarna a Jerry Maguire, un exitoso representante de estrellas del deporte, que trabaja en una de las mejores agencias del país. His place in the world, and finally comes to terms with what's wrong with his career and life. Jerry speaks with several other pro athletes, some of whom have read his earlier mission statement and respect his work with Rod. Jerry, it is such a pleasure to say that! However, Sugar is able to persuade Cushman and his father to sign with SMI over Jerry the night before the draft. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. But before he leaves, he vows to make it on his own. Jerry Maguire is a 1996 American romantic comedy-drama sports film written, produced, and directed by Cameron Crowe, and stars Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr., Renée Zellweger, and Regina King. IMDb takes a look at Gal Gadot's biggest roles and the parts she never got the chance to play, including a major role in the James Bond franchise. Renee's son is a possible future baseball pitcher... Cameron Frye An American military advisor embraces the Samurai culture he was hired to destroy after he is captured in battle. The film debuted at number one. Jerry Maguire ye una película estauxunidense de 1996, qu'entemez el drama cola comedia y que ta escrita y empobinada por Cameron Crowe amás de tar interpretada por Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr. y Renée Zellweger como protagonistas principales. Rod takes Jerry's advice to prove he is worthy of his contract. It is the ninth top-grossing film of 1996 and the fourth highest-grossing romantic drama film of all time.[12]. Consequently, Jerry and Sugar each call all of Jerry's clients to try and convince them not to hire the services of the other. [5] Diane Lane was considered for the role of Avery Bishop, however the role was eventually given to Kelly Preston. The film received critical acclaim. The film itself was nominated for Best Picture, and crew members on the film were nominated for Best Original Screenplay and Best Film Editing awards. Jerry Maguire A Football Life Jerry Maguire Rod Tidwell. Je úspěšný, bohatý a pohledný. A cab driver finds himself the hostage of an engaging contract killer as he makes his rounds from hit to hit during one night in Los Angeles. No gray areas. [8][9], Artie Lange filmed a scene for the movie but was edited out of the final cut. "[15] Todd McCarthy of Variety wrote "An exceptionally tasty contempo comedic romance, Jerry Maguire runs an unusual pattern on its way to scoring an unexpected number of emotional, social and entertaining points. Beau Bridges, Jay Mohr, Jerry O'Connell, and Aries Spears reprised their roles from the film, along with Roy Firestone and several real-life sports figures, including Shaquille O'Neal. Right now, you are a paycheck player. As Rod Tidwell, the pro football player/client who sticks by Jerry and insists that he `Show me the money!' Recording all of his thoughts in a mission statement, Jerry feels he has a new lease on life. The movie ends with Ray throwing a baseball up in the air, surprising Jerry, who then discusses Ray's possible future career in the sports industry with Dorothy. Tom Cruise spiller den succesfulde sportsagent, Jerry Maguire, der har hundredevis af professionelle sportsfolk i sin stald. reference to the arizona state sun devils, The Costume Designer Behind ‘Almost Famous’ Breaks Down the Film’s Most Iconic Outfits, From Band Aids to Bandmates, It's All Happening: 20 Secrets About Almost Famous Revealed, Oscars 1997 Best Picture: 2 Films That Didn't Deserve The Nomination (& 8 Replacements), 25 Football Films to Love (Even if You Don't Love Football), Best Football Movies and TV Shows to Stream Now, 20 Years Ago It Was Like This... (Part 2). Title: Dar Jerry este un luptator si nu se da batut. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film three out of four stars, writing that there "are so many subplots that Jerry Maguire seems too full" and also commented that the film "starts out looking cynical and quickly becomes a heartwarmer. Jerry goes back to Renee Zellwegger and they stay together. The film was inspired by sports agent Leigh Steinberg, who acted as Technical Consultant on the crew. With the 20th anniversary of Jerry Maguire coming up, the 25-page Jerry Maguire mission statement, written by Cameron Crowe, has been released online. Or do you do whatever it takes-- including selling your soul and sacrificing your very identity-- to make as much of the green as you can. How is that right?' [24] The quotes "Show me the money!" Ca urmare, este concediat fara ocolisuri. Cuba Gooding Jr. je opravdu pořadný sousto pro sportovního manažera. "[13] On Metacritic the film has a weighted average score of 77 out of 100 based on reviews from 28 critics. On Rotten Tomatoes it has an approval rating of 83% based on reviews from 84 critics, with an average score of 7.70/10. So in the wake of this epiphany, he seizes the moment, sits down at his keyboard and hammers out a `mission/morality statement,' in which he reorganizes his entire approach to his career, including reestablishing parameters and setting new priorities making conscience, ethics and integrity his paramount concerns. He recovers, however, and dances for the wildly cheering crowd. [5] Mira Sorvino was also considered for Dorothy but the producers would not meet her quote. [5] Billy Wilder was considered for the part of Jerry's mentor Dicky Fox.[5]. The first two are absolutes; you win and you make it to number 50. His place in the world, and finally comes to terms with what's wrong with his career and life. Until one night he questions his purpose. It's so funny, because when I read it, I didn't get it — I thought it was a typo somehow. Meanwhile, Frank "Cush" Cushman (Jerry O'Connell), a superstar quarterback prospect who expects to be the number one pick in the NFL Draft, initially also stays with Jerry after he makes a visit to the Cushman home. 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